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Some time ago, our very own seventeen linked to a fic-writing… - Eto Gunslinger

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April 16th, 2007

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04:23 pm
Some time ago, our very own seventeen linked to a fic-writing community in her journal, and I've been peeking at it sporadically. Yesterday's word inspired the following.

Because we need fic, dammit.



"O-ho, man!" Benkate laughed, wringing out her poncho. "We got creamed!"

"Sunny Florida, my eye." Razy took off his hat and tipped it, shaking his head as he watched the rainwater pour off the brim. "I'm going to have to let this dry out."

"I sure hope so," 'Kate responded. "I wouldn't say it'd knock a buzzard off a shit wagon, but wet felt is still pretty damned rank."

Razy bit back a retort concerning her wool poncho, instead giving her a withering look and turning his attentions to the window. The rain was coming down stronger now, and he watched other people running for cover into shops and the occasional doorway.

"So, you figure we'll head north and..." 'Kate trailed off, turning to look at Razy. At his inattention she gave a smile and a little shake of her head.

She sidled up next to him, and the two gazed out the window together; the storm had appeared without warning, the skies opening up, sending both Razy and Benkate diving for cover of the hotel. Some people were still hurrying by outside, the occasional horse trying to plod through the muddied streets as best as it could.

Benkate gently nudged at his hand. "Thinking about Mingchao caught out in that?"

"Hm?" he said, glancing at her, distracted.

"Now, Baskerville, I'm sure she's fine. We both know she can take care of herself," she chuckled, thinking of the girl with evident affection. "That girl has got the Devil's own luck."

He nodded once, fingers lightly following the wet streaks against the window. "She does at that..." He gave a short laugh, glancing at her, his hand moving to cover hers. "She managed to tame us, didn't she?"

"Says you." 'Kate gave a snort. "I ain't giving up on the Etogun yet."


It ain't much, but it's something.
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Date:April 17th, 2007 12:05 am (UTC)
We need indeed. *is still thinking about his own idea for a fic*

Anyway, I can't help but clap my fins like a damn seal at this one. 'Kate's appropriately bad language, that touch of atmosphere towards the end... pure ficcing gold.
This community needs people like you, dear miss.

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