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Eto Gunslinger

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

~Eto Gunslinger~
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Welcome to Eto Gunslinger, a community for fans of Tow Nakazaki's western comedy manga, Et Cetera! The series was released in English by TokyoPop in nine volumes.

There are few rules as of yet, and will be added as needed.

Possible spoilers should go behind an lj-cut with due warnings, as should posts including fanfic or images. Also, please post a warning if something is not work-safe and/or has adult content.

While hissing at the villain is a long standing Vaudevillian tradition, please keep character bashing to a minimum.

I can't stress this enough: do not post doujinshi scans or art that you did not draw yourself or don't have permission to post, period. Also, do not steal from Japanese artists and/or fansites. If you use ignorance as your excuse, you should prepare to be banned. Don't be an idiot.

That said, kick off your spurs and have fun!